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My girlfriend should be embarrassed of my blog.
I'm part Cherokee part German and that means a whole lot of spirits.
You can summon me with the screams of Gavin Free and Mark Fischbach.

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It has been 11 days since DC Comics did something stupid, they last went 3 days without doing something stupid.


Korra in Kyoshi warrior gear (the training was tougher than she anticipated)

Remember kids, being a Goth isn’t about the wearing a particular style of clothes or listening to certain types of music…

It’s about ravaging the Balkans, threatening to sack Constantinople, actually sacking Rome and eventually establishing permanent kingdoms in Southern Gaul and the Iberian and Italian Peninsulas.



I love The Sims because it’s basically just a bunch of pansexual people speaking gibberish and setting their houses on fire.

The pansexual agenda.

monetclaude replied to your post:

i miss u guys lmao

We miss you too Monet




this cat looks stoked as hell

thats just
thats just butter in a hotdog bun

what the fuck do you mean “just” butter in a hot dog bun


date someone who makes you feel like Everytime We Touch by Cascada on the inside 


when a casual conversation with your parents turns into a lectureimage

(color picspam)
: Katara + Blue
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